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The Wandering Dumpling

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Here’s a fun branding and web project I worked on in Design School. This page will look primarily at the illustration and asset part of the project.

Spanish Banks Gose with Peach beer bottle with full label

Initial Concepts

This project started with the creation of stylescapes to help visually explain the concept for our restaurant – a casual-dining and multi-cuisine dumpling spot.

To the right you can also see the web styelsheet we created to aid in the design and build of the website.

Style Sheet for The Wandering Dumpling
Concept Styelscape
sketches of "gose with peach" hand lettered
The Wandering Dumpling Logo


I wanted this logo to be welcoming, fun, and representative of the fare available available at The Wandering Dumpling.

To achieve this I took three of the basic dumpling shapes and positioned them at angles to give some movement and spontaneity, while also creating a cheeky winking face.


Illustration and Assets

To create the fun, casual and engaging mood for our visual identity, I created some cute descriptive illustrations of the kinds of dumplings that would theoretically be available, as well as a menu layout for both print and mobile.

Hand drawn elements of the final design

What I Learned

This project was so much fun to work on! I learnt to navigate collaboration and differences of opinion through practicing flexibility and open-mindedness. I also learned about different cultures and their expressions of identity through food; this is one of my favourite things about design, when you throw yourself into the project you always come out with new knowledge.

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