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Granville Island Brewing

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A quick look at a packaging concept I created for GIB’s Gose with Peach

Spanish Banks Gose with Peach beer bottle with full label

Research & Sketch

This beer is a perfect summer brew, and nothing screams summer in vancouver more than an evening at Spanish banks. I took inspiration from the iconic Vancouver beach logs, and the colours and optimism of a summer sunset.

I chose to center my concept around strong, square handlettering to reflect Granville Island Brewing’s positioning as an accessible craft beer for hard working suburban folks.

A Spanish Banks Sunset
sketches of "gose with peach" hand lettered
View of Vancouver from the beach

Experimentation and Refinement

As I moved to digital drafts I refined the text I had created and deducted that additional hand-drawn elements would help to create a more cohesive look and feel.

The colour story of this design was very important – a Gose-with-Peach-worthy sunset needs to reflect the juciness and vibrance of the beer itself. I experimented with combinations until I found a palette that was both vibrant and relaxed.

Hand drawn elements of the final design
Digital Compositions for GIB Label

Silhouette and Printing Prep

One of the liberating things about school projects is that some real-life limitations can be forgotten for the sake of creative expression. Here, since I knew this piece would not be going to print, I was able to design a label that had an usual die that may have been quite hard to sell in the real world.

I chose to have the sun of my sunset break the edge of the label, just as the sun breaks the edge of our plane of vision during dusk and dawn. I also gave the label a waved edge, for obvious beach-related reasons.


What I Learned

This was a project that really shaped my process and design style. I learned a lot about pre-press for packaging, I learned a lot about recieving and metabolising feedback, and I learned that tactile methods are just as effective for creativity as digital ones!

GIB Label lettering close-up
Spanish Banks Gose with Peach beer bottle with full label
Full view of bottle
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