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Canadian Space Agency Identity

[Student Work]

This was one of the biggest projects I completed at Design School, take a look!

A redesigned Canadian Space Agency Logo featuring concentric circles and a star on th ehorizon

Research & Sketch

The brief for this assignment was to refresh and modernize the Logo and brand collateral for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) . Their goals were to better reach a new generation of Canadians, while remaining relevant and approachable to their various stakeholders and partner organizations.

Research was an integral part of this project; through it I learned that a large part of CSA’s contributions to space exploration centre around radar development and satellites. I wanted to pay tribute to these accomplishments in a way that was accessible  for as many Canadians as possible.

A Spanish Banks Sunset
Digital Sketches for my CSA Logo Concept
Initial Sketches for the CSA Logo

Refinement and Extrapolation

The final logo gave me some structure for creating the other assets to strengthen the new CSA brand.

Continuing with the themes of radar waves and points of light, I created two patterns to act as accents for the collateral – a braided radar pattern and a simplified version of cassiopeia.

The challenge that I inadvertantly set for myself was to keep the brand professional, clean and gender-neutral while staying true to the assets suggested by the logo.


Digital Compositions for GIB Label
Hand drawn elements of the final design

What I Learned

Colour is the best and worst thing about design! I had so much trouble figuring out how to get the logo consistent across different mediums for this project, and my main take-away was that seven colours is too many. This project also got me passionate about layout and booklet design, and through trial and error, and countless revisions since the original assignment took place, I managed to get the final brand guide to a place I was proud of. Check it out below!

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