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30 Days of Circles

[Personal Project]

Over the Christmas break, I decided that it would be good to start up a daily creative challenge to help keep my design brain going, and to re-familiarize myself with my favourite Adobe program, Illustrator. I gave my self the brief of illustrating one circle, 2000px square, every day for 30 days. This parameter gave me the structure to not get overwhelmed with choice, but the freedom to do whatever spoke to me on each day.

Day 1 of 30

Celestial Bodies

The first five days were devoted to the sky. I used a minimal approach and employed some filters to create a mezzotint effect.



This set of circles had me challenge my skills and time management as the subjetc matter got more detailed. This was one of my favourite series, I think the best part is the tablecloths!



For this set I took inspiration from interesting circles we find outside โ€“ a well,ย  a pool doughnut, a birdbath, a sundial and I couldn’t help but get the moon involved again.


Just Whatever ๐Ÿ™‚

At this point the amount of time I could allot to this project started to vary. Two of these were the result of me playing with lesser-used tools, the other one is an egg yolk.


Gradients on Gradients

From here on out its all gradient experimentation.This was partly due to my much-diminished time allocation, and also my uncontrollable love of gradients.

ย That being said, having all these to refer back to for future projects will be an asset!

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